* The clouds seemed heavy, the ground was messy

I felt sick looking all those graves and names
I wanted to become a runner so I could escape
I wish I could have have some poise to pretend I don’t care

The saddest ones were those with toys
I thought about how much fun they were supposed to have
And how now they are playing in heaven
I tried to stand still but I was already falling apart
Grieving for those who were too far

I remembered a speech from my mother
She said I shouldn’t fear death
Because at the end of the day
The most dangerous things were still alive
Waiting for a chance to kill the most beautiful ones.*
Poetry allows us to communicate over time and across space. It is the most powerful tool humanity has for connecting individuals to one another. Good writers have strong reasons for writing. Students from our High School project “Grammar and Composition” are learning how to communicate strong ideas. This is a beautiful example of what our students can do.
A poesia permite que nos comuniquemos através do tempo e espaço. É a ferramenta mais poderosa que a humanidade possui para conectar indivíduos. Bons escritores têm boas razões para escrever. Os alunos do nosso programa de High School estão aprendendo como mostrar seus ideais. Este é um lindo exemplo do que nossos alunos podem fazer!
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